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Course Summary

Traditionally, the concept of quality in networks meant that all network traffic was treated equally. The result was that all network traffic received the network’s best effort with no guarantees for reliability, delay, throughput, priority or other performance characteristics. The QoS concept is one in which the requirements of some applications, users and services are treated as more critical than others, meaning that some traffic requires preferential treatment. With the expanding reach of IP networks, engineers need to understand how they can differentiate services being carried across these networks. One of the tool sets is QoS. By using QoS mechanisms, network administrators can use existing resources efficiently and ensure the required level of service without over-provisioning their networks. Once understood, engineers also need to comprehend where and how QoS can be applied. This seminar looks into the use of QoS at the IP layer and the options for Voice and Video. It then moves on to discuss how QoS needs to be applied at lower layers across Ethernet and MPLS networks.

Who would benefit

People who are involved in the delivery of modern services from an IT perspective or from a telecoms background who are moving into the world of networking in order to better understand how their services can be supported by QoS.


An understanding of IP communications would be beneficial, as would a keen interest to understand how QoS is applied in IP networks.

Topic areas include

  • Two QoS models: IntServ and DiffServ
  • Classification, marking, policing and queueing
  • Five categories of service
  • 21 classes of QoS
  • Classes of service at layer 2
  • QoS modelling in voice networks
  • QoS mechanisms available in IPTV networks

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