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3 DAYS / 5 LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS (0900-1300) / Level 3

Course summary

A detailed technical description of the air interface for LTE radio access. This includes OFDMA principles, access and non-access stratum protocols, channel structures, connectivity and mobility management procedures along with radio link control functions.

Who would benefit

Engineers involved with equipment design, operation, optimization or monitoring of the LTE radio link.


An engineering background with some knowledge of digital radio systems and general radio principles and techniques is assumed. A basic understanding of LTE and experience of 2G or 3G systems would be beneficial.

Topic areas include

  • LTE system architecture
  • E-UTRAN architecture and interfaces
  • OFDMA/SC-FDMA basic principles
  • Defining orthogonality
  • OFDMA features and benefits
  • The Fourier transform
  • OFDMA/SC-FDMA transmitter and receiver chains
  • Modulation and coding, MIMO and the Cyclic Prefix
  • MIMO concepts and implementation
  • Physical layer structures
  • Access and non-access stratum protocols
  • Logical, Transport and Physical channels
  • RRC, PDCP, MAC and RLC functions
  • Resource allocation and scheduling strategies
  • LTE-Advanced concepts
  • Lower layer procedures
  • Connection establishment
  • Radio resource management procedures

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