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Course Summary

Internet Protocol (IP) is at the centre of all modern networking, whether it be data networking or telecommunications. Over recent years, a number of themes have emerged that are reliant on IP and that also give an indication of the future trends/requirements of IP networking. These include Voice over IP (VoIP) - in support of voice calls over LTE networks; Unified Communications – the integration of both voice and data services; ‘Cloud’ based services – applications and services stored remotely and easily accessed through an internet connection; and IPTV – television content supplied via an IP network. These services depend on IP networks and their successful execution relies on significant IP engineering principles. IP is not just about addressing. It is an architecture built of switches, routers, an assortment of middle boxes, as well as hosts and servers. This course aims to put modern day IP networking into perspective by discussing the fundamentals, the challenges and the enablers of IP services.

Who would benefit

People who are involved in the delivery of modern services from an IT perspective or from a telecoms background who are moving into the world of networking to better understand how their services can be supported by IP networks.


Ideally delegates should have a keen interest in modern IP networking.

Topic areas include

  • The fundamental architecture of IP
  • How e-mail is supported by modern networks
  • Why DNS is important and how it can be implemented
  • The fixed and mobile access network
  • Requirement for Firewalls and NAT
  • Hosting environments
  • Role of QoS
  • Purpose of MPLS VPNs

Detailed Course Description

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