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The Wray Castle 5G Series is the best possible start in becoming proficient in all aspects of 5G.

  • 7 months of training for only £3,500 +VAT.
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  • 180 hours of certified self-paced online learning.

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To give you a taste of the 5G Series, we have included two videos in this mail covering Resource Mapping in 5G NR and the 5G Core Network Functions.

5G introduces an extremely adaptable interface with bearers of different characteristics capable of supporting many use cases, as explained in the first video.

The second video examines the key network functions within the 5G network enabling a range of new features to be supported.

In the 5G Series you will learn hundreds of topics like these delivered in live and self-paced formats.  You''' also receive course books to download and have direct access to a tutor for the duration of the Series and beyond.

Resource Mapping in 5G NR

As with LTE, a 5G resource is assigned to one physical channel or signal, however, the assignment is much more flexible than LTE to maximise forwards compatibility for future enhancements. Find out how in this short video.

Resource Mapping in 5G NR

5G Core Network Functions

The 5G Core Network contains several main network functions – the User Plane Function (UPF), the Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF), the Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF), the Authentication Server Function (AUSF), the Unified Data Management (UDM), the Policy Control Function (PCF) and the Session Management Function (SMF). Find out what features are supported by each in this short video.

5G Core Network Functions

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For a limited time you can access 7 months of training for only £3500 + VAT.

This includes 10 live training days and over 180 hours of certified self-paced online learning.

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