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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) can now be studied online at your own pace, accessible at any time and on any device.

Students on this course will have a personal Instructor, available to answer queries and explore topics in greater depth, as well as extensive reading materials and video resources, scenario-based assignments and effective tools to communicate in an online environment.

Students will also receive recognition for their work, which can be shared through platforms, such as LinkedIn.

Want to know more about the course? Visit the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) course description on our website, or read the short article below.

Voice Options for LTE

Traditional 2G and 3G networks handle voice calls by means of circuit switching, and handle data communications such as web pages, emails and data files by means of packet switching. In contrast LTE uses packet switching alone: there is no use of circuit switching at all. Although that has allowed LTE networks to be optimized for the delivery of packet data, it immediately causes problems for the delivery of voice calls to LTE devices.

There are two main options for LTE voice. The first, circuit switched fallback, has been implemented by LTE network operators for some years. In this technique, the network passes the device to a 2G or 3G cell, in which it can make a circuit switched call in the traditional way. Although the technique is straightforward, it causes a number of difficulties: it requires 2G or 3G coverage, it limits the user’s ability to receive high speed data during a call, and it limits the services that the network operator can offer to the user.

The longer term option is known as Voice over LTE (VoLTE). In this technique, the device makes a call through an LTE cell by means of Voice over IP (VoIP), with the call managed by an additional network known as the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Although the IMS is a new and complex system, it overcomes the disadvantages associated with circuit switched fallback: there is no need for long-term 2G or 3G coverage, there is no impact on the user’s data rates during a call, and it opens the opportunity for additional services to the user.

Wray Castle’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) online course provides a detailed technical understanding of the currently specified methods of offering a VoIP service using LTE and the IP Multimedia Subsystem.

Starting with the basic building blocks, IMS identities, subscription information and interworking with mobile and fixed networks, the course progresses to describe the protocols used with the IMS, the various procedures from a simple registration to the setting up of a VoLTE call.

Details of how calls are managed as mobile devices move through the network using handover mechanisms are also discussed, as well as emergency call handling, supplementary services and SMS messaging.

Increasingly mobile operators are integrating Wi-Fi with their cellular networks and Voice over Wi-Fi is an important service offering. This course includes an overview of Wi-Fi and using the support of the IMS describes the functionality of Voice over Wi-Fi.

If you would like to discuss this course further then please call Georgie Brasher 01539 742 729 or feel free to use the contact page on our website.

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