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2G to 5G, in two days

Do you or your team need a broad understanding of mobile communications without the investment of studying each technology separately? Then the Wray Castle 2G to 5G Mobile Technologies course is what you’ve been looking for. In just 2 days it provides a detailed overview of the mobile technologies in use today - as well as a glimpse into the future!

A technical overview of the main cellular technologies, all in one package

This is one of our most popular courses and for good reason. It starts by giving you a clear overview of the most important aspects of cellular communication technologies. As the course progresses you’ll learn how these principles are applied within the different generations as networks evolve from providing basic GSM services to supporting an increasingly complex set of connection requirements and services.

Another reason this course is so popular is that it’s relevant to a broad range of people in the telecoms industry. Not only is it useful for engineers, the course also provides a great foundation for technically oriented staff from commercial teams and we’ve had delegates from sales, marketing and operations attend and find it useful.

Getting to grips with the technology

One of the challenges with technical training is all those acronyms and abbreviations. This course aims to demystify the technology for you and clearly explain the meaning behind a lot of that terminology. Our trainers highly encourage interaction to help with this and course participants frequently comment on how helpful and engaging they find this - no reading through slideware on a Wray Castle course.

In fact the people who attend the 2G to 5G Mobile Technologies course usually rate our trainers’ knowledge, presentation skills and rapport building at 100%!

We’ve also designed practical exercises into the course to help you reinforce what you’re learning.

What you’ll learn on the 2G – 5G course

Starting with GSM, the course provides a solid grounding in the initial concepts including the specifications, the radio spectrum, the network architecture and the network operation. Although some may consider this technology to be dated it’s important to bear in mind that it’s still in widespread use around the world.  Added to which, understanding the concepts involved is key to effectively understanding the later technologies.

As GSM matured, packet data was introduced. This was an important evolutionary step towards 3G UMTS and leads us to the next section of the course.


UMTS is then treated with the same thorough level of detail and this section charts the development of UMTS as a broadband mobile technology.

The reasons why UMTS is able to deliver broadband data services is down to the choice of radio technology and advancements in antenna techniques and these systems are clearly explained during the course. UMTS matured to the point where download speeds have reached tens of megabits per second.

To go even faster UMTS has evolved into LTE, which we look at in the course’s next section.

LTE / 4G

In this section 4G technology is examined in the same way as the two previous generations have been. You’ll get to see how LTE is also evolving to address not just data rates but a variety of important applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and mission critical communications, as well as providing a clear pathway to 5G.


In the final section of the course we’ll cover 5G, 5th Generation Mobile Networks. This is done in the context of how they are developing to expand beyond the limitations of LTE as data rates and traffic densities increase and new use cases evolve.

The course finishes with a discussion of the issues involved in decommissioning legacy networks, a topical issue as network operators globally continue to make announcements in this space.

The assurance of CPD certification

CPD Accreditation means that you can be extra confident in the quality of this course.

The CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service is the independent UK CPD accreditation centre. When a course has CPD Accreditation it means the learning activity in it has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. In addition, the learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

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What customers say about our 2G – 5G Mobile Technologies course

Our customers rate this course 98% and they rate the trainers delivering this course 100%!

“Really useful, enjoyable and insightful, learnt a lot and met expectations” delegate from BT

“Excellent to have a trainer with great experience” delegate from UK Government

“The demos brought the training to life…the level of interaction was great rather than just going through slideware” delegate from BT

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