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How eSIM will Transform the Mobile Industry

The traditional SIM card has been a central part of digital mobile communications for 30 years. This unassuming piece of plastic has been responsible for controlling access to GSM mobile networks

How 5G Supports Current Telco Business Models

If you’re following 5G developments you’ll be interested in this overview of how 5G helps to effectively deliver ever-increasing amounts of capacity in support of current and evolving telco business

2020 Telecoms Training Schedule

We’re pleased to announce our 2020 public telecoms training schedule. Our courses range from 1 day overviews for non-technical staff and management to 3 day in-depth deep-dives for engineers. If you’

How’s Your Essential Radio Engineering Knowledge?

Radio communications impact on nearly every aspect of our lives, whether it’s watching TV, using a mobile or surfing the Internet using Wi-Fi.For most people using radio is taken for granted. But if

2G to 5G, in two days

Do you or your team need a broad understanding of mobile communications without the investment of studying each technology separately? Then the Wray Castle 2G to 5G Mobile Technologies course is what

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