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Railways depend on telecoms

Railway networks depend on telecoms.  Without adequate systems in place, trains would not be able to run.

GSM-R, adopted in most European countries following International Union of Railways (UIC)

LTE - the future of mission critical comms?

Mission critical communications are currently supported by the Airwave network; however by the end of 2019 it is the intention of the government to replace this network with a more cost-effective and

5G Strategy Sorted?

2018 will be the start of the journey for those defining their 5G strategy. Specifications will be frozen by 3GPP in Sept 2018, with commercial deployments expected from around 2020.

Senior managers,

Virtual Sanity

Networks have passed the point where they need to evolve to meet the growing demands placed upon them, not only for the insatiable demand for modern services but for an ever-increasing number of

Optimizing the LTE Air Interface with Rohde and Schwarz

The demand for mobile broadband services is putting increased pressure on LTE mobile operators.

Simply deploying LTE base stations to provide LTE coverage is only part of the solution. Radio network

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